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Located in northern Brazil, Amazonas is Brazil’s largest state. State capital Manaus is the biggest city in the region and is a popular ecotourism destination. The incredible Amazon rainforest enjoys the highest diversity of animal species and plants in the world and is the planet’s biggest rainforest. The largest river in the world, the Amazon River, is another unique attraction of this magnificent tropical state. With a size of almost 1 600 000 km2, one could fit United Kingdom over 6 times and Spain 3 times within Amazonas.

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Manaus has approx. 2 million inhabitants and is the main entry point for tourism in the Amazonas. Few cities in the world of the size of Manaus enjoy such a unique location. Set virtually in the middle of the biggest jungle in the world, the city is only accessible by plane or boat.

There are plenty of tourism operators and travel agencies in the town and tourists are sure to find suitable tours for all tastes and budgets. The area in and around the state capital offers a wide range of accommodation options ranging from modern city hotels to beautiful wilderness hotels set in the middle of the Amazon jungle.

The city itself offers plenty of impressive historical buildings and attractions including theatres, museums, opera, cultural centers and municipal markets.

The Amazon Rainforest & Amazon River

With the highest diversity of animal species and plants in the world, there is no better place on the planet for ecotourism than Amazonas. Over a third of all living species in the world can be found in the Amazon rainforest and tourists from all over the world come here to witness wildlife and nature in its most pure form.

The Parintins Festival

The famous Parintins Festival is one of the most important Brazilian folkloric festivals and attracts visitors from all over Brazil who come here to witness the amazing mix of music and colorful costumes. Located 420 km from Manaus, the city of Parintins boasts an impressive setting on the Tupinambarana Island in the Amazon River. There are organized tours from Manaus for tourists interested in this unique Boi Bumbá festival.

How to get here

The International Airport in Amazonas is Eduardo Gomez. Located 13 km from the center of Manaus, the airport receives flights from most major Brazilian cities and also receives flights from abroad. Please visit the flight guide for more info or take part in the conversation in our community forum.

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