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Located just south of the Equatorial line and basking in year round sunshine, Ceará is a popular holiday destination in Brazil and receives visitors from all over the world. With a stunning coastline of no less than 573 km offering a vast amount of paradisiacal beaches, gorgeous white sand dunes, stunning lagoons and incredibly beautiful coastal villages, Ceará appeals to a wide range of travel preferences.

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Ceará tourism information

The state capital Fortaleza is a modern city with a population of approx. 2 million and offers a great infrastructure, good cultural attractions and a lively nightlife. The city has a fabulous waterfront promenade lined with beautiful urban beaches such as the famous Meireles and Iracema beaches. By the promenade you’ll find many beach bars, restaurants, shops and street markets for enjoying the great atmosphere in this tropical Brazilian city. For more information about the state capital, please see the Fortaleza travel guide.

Praia do Futuro is located just a few kilometers outside of Fortaleza and is perhaps the best known of the urban beaches. The beach is long and is lined with many “barracas” that serve food and drinks and offers a vibrant social atmosphere. A couple of nights per week some of the beach bars also open up for the evening offering live music and great Brazilian nightlife in a magnificent tropical setting.

Ceará is home to one of the largest water parks in Latin America. Beach Park is located in Aquiraz, 29 km from Fortaleza and offers some amazing water slides and wave pools. The famous “insano” water slide has a height of 41 meters and will give even the most adventurous minded a real adrenaline rush! Visitors can also choose to relax on the beautiful Porto das Dunas beach in front of Beach Park.

Cumbuco is located only 30 km west from the state capital and is a charming beach town surrounded by beautiful lagoons and stunning white sand dunes. The beaches in Cumbuco are truly stunning and the area has also become famous for its great wind and kite surfing conditions. Cumbuco also offers a number of great restaurants and a very cozy atmosphere and is well worth a visit for anyone on holidays in Ceará.

Located 167 km east from the state capital, Canoa Quebrada is a cosmopolitan beach town offering amazing beaches and a vibrant social atmosphere. Characterized by its reddish cliffs, white sand dunes and turquoise seawater, Canoa Quebrada attracts people from all corners of the world. The famous central street, “Broadway”, offers visitors with many great restaurants and good nightlife options.

Of all the coastal villages on the Ceará coastline, perhaps the most famous one is Jericoacoara. Located 300 km west from Fortaleza, Jericoacoara is indeed a very unique place and offers a natural setting that by any standard is simply breathtaking. The lagoons and beaches in and around the village are often mentioned in international travel magazines and they simply must be seen in person. Sometimes referred to simply as “Jerí”, there are no cars in this natural paradise as the area is only accessible by jeeps and beach buggies. Jericoacoara offers great accommodation options, restaurants as well as delicious restaurants and is definitely a must see location if you are planning to spend your vacations in Ceará.

With a coastline of 573 km, there are obviously a lot more great places to visit in addition to the ones mentioned above. Taíba on the west coast is a charming coastal town with good infrastructure and every year is the proud host to the yearly “snail festival”. Morro Branco and Beberibe on the east coast offer some stunning white cliffs and quality crafts and arts.

How to get here

The International Airport in Fortaleza, Pinto Martins, is located approx. 6 km from the city center and receives international flights. In addition to the flights from abroad, the town is also very well connected with most major cities in Brazil. For more information, please visit the flight guide. You can also join the discussion in the community forum to learn more about traveling in this great destination.

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