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Canoa Quebrada travel guide

Canoa Quebrada is a spectacular coastal village 167 km west from state capital Fortaleza. Surrounded by beautiful sand dunes and colored cliffs, the town is famous for its excellent white sand beaches, cosmopolitan social atmosphere, active nightlife and wide range of activities and tours. Discovered by hippie travelers in the 1970’s, Canoa Quebrada is today one of the most known holiday destinations in the northeast of Brazil and is visited by tourists from all parts of the globe.

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Canoa Quebrada tourism information

Popular daytime activities include tours in the charming local sailing boats “jangadas”, beach buggy tours along the surrounding beaches, kite surfing, paragliding, horse riding and sand boarding. During the evening the action is concentrated along the fashionable “Broadway” where visitors can find plenty of charming shops, artisanal displays and numerous delicious restaurants serving a wide range of regional and international dishes.

The nightlife in Canoa Quebrada has earned itself a good reputation and offers something for everyone, ranging from bars with live music to more lively dancing clubs. This fantastic beach destination in northeastern Brazil is a truly global village and the excellent atmosphere will impress anyone visiting Canoa Quebrada.

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There are flights from most major Brazilian cities to Fortaleza and the airport also receives flights from many other countries. Please see our flight guide for more info or visit the forum to join the conversation.

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