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Espirito Santo is one of the country’s smallest states and is located in the south east of Brazil. Enjoying an island location, state capital Vitória boasts good urban beaches and offers good conditions for outdoor sports. Some of the highlights on the 436 km coastline of Espirito Santo include Vila Velha, Itaúnas, Guarapari and Anchieta while Domingos Martins and Pedra Azul are popular inland attractions.

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Espirito Santo tourism information


State capital Vitória is located on an island and is a great medium sized city offering good urban beaches and favorable conditions for outdoor activities. Vitória is famous for its world-class white and blue marlin sport fishing conditions and is considered among the top three places in the world to fish for billfish. Blue marlin sport fishers from all over the world come to the town every year to take part in the International Ocean Fishing Championships. As the region also enjoys great sailing conditions, the city regularly hosts sailing regattas and nautical shows.

Neighbouring Vila Velha has several interesting historical attractions such as the Convento da Penha where visitors can see one of the oldest paintings in the Americas.

Other attractions

Located 58 and 89 km from Vitória, Guarapari and Anchieta are the most known beach towns in Espirito Santo. Both towns offer great beaches and a colorful social atmosphere with plenty of restaurants, bars, hotels and tourism activities. Itaúnas at 270 km north from the state capital, is another beautiful coastal destination. The area is surrounded by the almost 3700 hectare Parque Estadual de Itaúnas which offers stunning nature with big sand dunes, mangroves and beaches.

Located 50 km inland from the state capital, Domingos Martins is a charming mountain town enjoying a colonial atmosphere and colder temperatures in the winter months. Close by attractions include the famous 500-meter tall Pedra Azul rock and the region also offers great conditions for adventure activities such as rappelling and white water rafting.

Anyone visiting Espirito Santo cannot afford to miss out on the “Moqueca Capixaba”, the extremely delicious Brazilian seafood stew that is typical in the region.

How to get here

The main airport in Vitória is Eurico de Aguiar Salles and it receives flights from many major Brazilian cities. Please visit the flight guide for more details about flying here. You can also visit the forum for learning more about traveling in Espirito Santo.

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