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Piauí in northeastern Brazil offers many attractions both inland and along its 66 km coastline. Highlights include the famous Serra da Capivara National Park with its fascinating prehistoric rock paintings, natural wonder Delta do Parnaíba and the fascinating rock formations in Sete Cidades National Park. The state capital is Teresina.

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The biggest delta in the Americas, Delta do Parnaíba is a unique area of approx. 2700 km2 and offers a stunning natural setting with 77 islands and numerous channels, sand dunes, beaches, lagoons and mangrove. The area boasts many different eco-systems and is full of wildlife. Delta do Parnaíba is located between Piauí and Maranhāo but as access is far easier from Parnaíba, it is usually seen as a tourist attraction in Piauí. There are tours available for getting to know this beautiful natural attraction.

The Serra da Capivara National Park with its over 500 archaeological sites and landscape filled with canyons and rocks is a fascinating area. With over 40 000 prehistoric rock paintings, Serra da Capivara is a very important archaeological site and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The rock formations in the area are also very unique with the most famous being the Pedra Furada rock. The National Park offers guided tours and attracts plenty of tourists who come here to amaze the rich history and landscape. The Sete Cidades National Park is another attraction in Piauí and offers truly amazing rock formations that are said to resemble seven former cities.

State capital Teresina was the first planned city in Brazil when it was founded in year 1852. It is also the only state capital in northeastern Brazil that is not located by the coast.

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The Senador Petrônio Portella Airport is located approx. 4 km from the center in Teresina. The airport receives some domestic flights but not yet flights from abroad. Please visit the flight guide for more info or take part in the discussion in the community forum.

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