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Located in the extreme northeastern corner of Brazil, Rio Grande do Norte enjoys a tropical climate year around. State capital Natal has earned itself the nickname “city of sun” as the region sees sunshine throughout the year. The 410 km long coastline of Rio Grande do Norte is where most of the attractions are and it is indeed truly stunning with semi-deserted beaches, big sand dunes, palm trees, tropical lagoons and charming coastal villages.

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Rio Grande do Norte tourism information

Many tourists tend to start their holidays here by staying in Natal. The most famous beach in the city is Ponta Negra and this is also where majority of the hotels are located. Please see the Natal travel guide for more info about the state capital.

Located approx. 85km south from Natal, Praia da Pipa is a famous coastal village in Rio Grande do Norte and is well known in Brazil and internationally alike. Pipa offers a good infrastructure with plenty of good hotels and pousadas, great cuisine, vibrant nightlife, wide range of activities and some truly breathtakingly stunning beaches. Please see the Pipa travel guide for more info about this great coastal paradise.

The famous beach buggy tour on the famous sand dunes of Genipabu is a must for anyone on holidays in Rio Grande do Norte. Licensed buggy drivers drive tourists on gorgeous beaches towards Genipabu 25 km north of Natal. Once in Genipabu, you can choose whether you want to experience the sand dunes “with or without emotion”. Whatever your choice, the experience will be unique and this great day trip is well worth the while.

Maracajaú at 54 km from the state capital enjoys stunning offshore reefs that offer great diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. The tour is done when the tide is low and the depth is only 3 meters, making it easy for everyone to see a wide range of marine life in this beautiful location.

Besides the ones mentioned above, Rio Grande do Norte offers many other beautiful beaches well worth a visit. On the south coast the beaches of Pirangí, Cotovelo, Buzios, Tabatinga, Barra de Cunhaú and Baía Formosa all have great beaches. On the north coast the beaches of Jacumā, Sāo Miguel do Gostoso and Galinhos are also very impressive.

How to get here

The International Airport in Natal, Augusto Severo, is located approx. 20km from the center and receives flights from abroad and from most of the larger Brazilian cities. Please visit the flight guide to learn more about flying to this destination. You can also visit the community forum where you can ask questions and learn more about the area from other forum participants.

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