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Natal, Rio Grande do Norte’s state capital, enjoys from a fantastic location at the northeastern tip of Brazil only a few degrees south from the Equator. With a marvelous tropical climate and basking in year round sunshine, Natal well deserves its nickname “city of sun”. The gorgeous 410 km coastline in and around the city offers tourists with sensational beaches lined with coconut palm trees, enormous sand dunes, tropical lagoons, spectacular reefs, beautiful coastal villages and excellent excursions.

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Natal tourism information

The most famous tourist attractions in the city are the stunning Ponta Negra beach and its majestic Morro do Careca sand dune. Most of the hotels are located in Ponta Negra and this beautiful area also boasts a great beach promenade, plenty of good restaurants and a lively nightlife. Other beaches in Natal include Via Costeira, Praia das Artistas, Praia do Meio and Praia do Forte.

Tourists traveling to Natal can enjoy from maybe the most famous beach buggy tour in Brazil. The stunning sand dunes in Genipabú 25 km north from the town with heights of up to 50 meters, offer a perfect post card setting for a truly memorable buggy trip. Another popular beach buggy trip in the region leaves from Pipa and takes tourists along some incredibly stunning beaches and lagoons towards the state border with Paraíba.

Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts are sure to feel at home in Maracajaú and Pirangi. Located 54 km north from Natal, Maracajaú enjoys from spectacular offshore reefs that offer transparent waters and excellent diving conditions. Pirangi lies 22 km south from the state capital and delights tourists with its truly beautiful natural pools with clear waters.

In addition to its beautiful state capital, Rio Grande do Norte’s second star attraction is the incredibly beautiful coastal town of Praia da Pipa. This fantastic beach village located 85 km south of Natal is a true tropical gem and enjoys from sensational beaches surrounded by amazing cliffs covered in lush tropical vegetation. Please read the Pipa travel guide for more information.

Natal’s 410 km long coastline is truly stunning and boasts several very beautiful and charming destinations. Popular beaches on the south coastline include Cotovelo, Pirangi, Búzios, Tabatinga, Guaraíras, Tibau do Sul, Pipa, Barra de Cunhaú and Baía Formosa while the north coast offers Genipabu, Jacumã, Muriú, Maxaranguape, Maracajaú, Punaú, Zumbi, Rio do Fogo, Touros, São Miguel do Gostoso and Galinhos.

Tourists arriving in early December should definitely check out the “Carnatal” which is one of the biggest off-season Carnivals in Brazil. With plenty of “trio electricos” and famous groups taking part, this is one party not to miss.

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Natal’s international airport receives flights from all over Brazil and also from many foreign countries. Please see the flight guide or join the forum to learn more about tourism and traveling in this great city in Brazil’s northeastern corner.

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