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Located 85 km south of state capital Natal, the beach town of Pipa in Brazil is a nature lover’s paradise and is surrounded by miles of semi deserted beaches, lagoons, sand dunes, natural pools and truly lush and green tropical vegetation. Referred to as “Praia da Pipa” in Portuguese, the village is famous for its stunning natural beauty and attracts visitors from all over the world who come here to witness the paradisiacal nature and the best of a trendy, yet relaxed and tropical Brazilian lifestyle.

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Pipa tourism information

Until the late seventies, Praia de Pipa was a very small and quiet village with fishing as the main activity. The beginning of the change started when surfers from all over the country and abroad came to the area looking for some of the best surf in the northeast of Brazil. Slowly simple restaurants opened up along with new inns and bars, and it did not take long before progress took its own course. Ever since, each year more and more visitors fall in love with the town and come here to settle down permanently and call this paradise on the coastline of Natal their new home.

Today the village has over 100 inns and small boutique style hotels, more than 30 international restaurants, charming shops, vibrant nightlife and art shops making it one of the most established and trendy coastal town not only on the Natal coastline but in the entire northeastern Brazil. Despite the progress, Praia da Pipa is still a small village where life is very much in harmony with nature and the place offers peace and tranquility combined with a degree of sophistication. As building regulations are very strict and the area is surrounded by a nature reserve, it will never become an overbuilt area and the high quality and exclusivity of this tropical paradise is guaranteed for the future.

The village is very charming and all the inns and restaurants have a beautiful architecture and decoration. One of the many attractions of Praia de Pipa is that while it is a trendy place, the atmosphere is very relaxed with people dressed in shorts and slippers, and Brazilians and foreigners, young and old, blend together and have a good time in this laid back cosmopolitan tropical paradise.

Tourists travel to Pipa all year around and well-managed local boutique style hotels enjoy high occupation ratios. However, the tourism in Praia da Pipa is far from mass tourism, quite the contrary. Tourists come to this coastal paradise looking for nature, peace and relaxation combined with a touch of sophistication. The village is a favorite holiday destination for many wealthy Brazilians in the North East of Brazil. The local Natal population also comes to the village in the weekends, which creates a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere in the town.

Besides being famous for having some of the most stunning beaches in Brazil, in Pipa one can enjoy from a wide range of activities on offer ranging from boat-trips, swimming with Dolphins, trekking, surfing, buggy trips, horse riding, kite surfing, canoe rides and of course shopping in the small boutique style local shops.

The village is also perfect for food lovers and is famous for having an excellent and varied gastronomy. Every year in October, the local Tourist Board and restaurants organize the annual gastronomical festival. Visitors can vote on their favorite dish and at the end of the festival the winners in each category is declared. During this week visitors will enjoy from fantastic dishes with a wide range of exotic flavors as well as music and other interesting activities.

There are plenty of paradisiacal beaches in Pipa. Whether visitors prefer to chill-out, swim with dolphins or surf in the warm waters, the beaches of Praia do Amor, Praia do Madeiro, Baía dos Golfinhos, Praia de Cacimbinha, Praia das Minas and Praia do Centro are all excellent choices. It is also highly recommended to visit the nearby destinations of Tibau do Sul, Barra de Cunhaú and Baía Formosa as they all boast incredible natural beauty.

How to get here

The International Airport in Natal receives plenty of domestic and international flights. Once in Natal, drive south on the excellent BR 101 highway until you get to Goianinha and from there continue driving until you get to Pipa. Another option is to drive the coastal road south of Natal but you need a 4X4 or a beach buggy to drive the last kilometers as the only access is by driving on the beach. This is the most beautiful approach and especially the last strip where you cross a big lagoon by ferry in Tibau do Sul just before getting to Pipa, is something to remember for a long time.

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