Alagoas is located in northeastern Brazil and charms visitors with its truly spectacular coastline of 230 km. The state capital Maceió is one of the main attractions and other highlights include Maragogi, the ecological route and Barra de Santo Antonio on the north coast, and Barra de Sāo Miguel and Praia do Francês on the south coast.

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    Tips for finding properties for rent in Alagoas, Brazil

    As a growing tourist destination in Brazil, travelers are increasingly searching for vacation rentals in Alagoas. The incredibly beautiful state capital Maceió is often the entry point but with a truly gorgeous coastline of 230 km, the area also offers several other popular holiday destinations. Visitors on can easily find excellent holiday homes for rent in Alagoas catering for all group sizes and budgets.

    Sometimes tourists need to find out more information about the location where they are planning to book their accommodation. For this purpose, we have created the Brazil forum where any visitor can ask questions and read travel information that can be useful when looking for rentals in Alagoas. Join the discussion and start planning your vacations in this spectacular state in northeastern Brazil.