Located in the Distrito Federal, Brasília is the capital of Brazil and is a truly remarkable city. Designed in the shape of an airplane, Brasília is an entirely planned city and was built in merely 41 months. The city boasts excellent urban planning as well as impressive modern architecture and is classified as a Unesco World Heritage site.

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    Tips for finding properties for rent in Distrito Federal, Brazil

    Whether you are planning to visit Brasília for leisure or business purposes, you can find great vacation rentals in Brasília on PropertyBrazil.com. In case you don’t know the city that well from before, it is also recommended to view our federal district destination guide that shows useful tourism info. Another useful feature travelers can use is the active community forum on our portal.

    In the forum you can ask for travel advice and learn as much as possible of the destination prior to your trip. Can I see all main attractions in one day or do I need to reserve several days to properly tour the city? Does the city have an active nightlife scene? Join the forum and find out information that you feel is important. Once you know where you want to stay, it will be easier to find matching homes for rent in Brasília.