Sergipe is located in the north east of Brazil and is the smallest state in the country. Enjoying a tropical coastline of 163 km, Sergipe offers many highlights including state capital Aracajú, Xingó Canyon, Sāo Fransisco River, the historical towns Laranjeiras and Sāo Christovāo and the stunning Mangue Seco by the border with Bahía.

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    Tips for finding properties for rent in Sergipe, Brazil

    Sergipe might be the smallest state in Brazil, but the 163 km coastline is certainly not short on natural beauty and tourist attractions. Whether you are looking for apartments or houses, is a great place for finding vacation rentals in Sergipe. To assist visitors in planning their trip, we also recommend that you visit the travel guide.

    Once you have found homes for rent in Sergipe that seem to fit your travel requirements, perhaps you would like to know more about the location of the property? Our Brazil forum is an excellent way to gain more knowledge about the area you are planning to visit. You can take part in the discussion or simply read what other tourists think of Sergipe as holiday destination.