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Ceará is located in northeastern Brazil only a few degrees south of the Equator. The state offers many attractions on its 573 km long coastline in addition to its beautiful state capital Fortaleza. Some of the highlights on the east coast are Canoa Quebrada, Morro Branco and Beberibe, and on the west coast Cumbuco, Taíba, Lagoinha and Jericoacoara.

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With a fast growing tourism market, Ceará real estate is also receiving more attention from global property investors. The coastline of 573 km is famous for its incredible beaches and several areas such as Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada have become internationally famous. Our informative destination guide includes photos from various areas in the region as well as a useful map for making it easier to see where each destination is located. also offers further assistance when buying a property in Ceará. Investors can visit our active Brazil forum and take part in the discussion about real estate in Ceará. Which areas are best suited for investment purposes? Which are the most popular holiday home areas in the region? Enter the forum and start learning more about investing in Ceará.