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Brasília in the Distrito Federal is a truly unique city in Brazil. In addition to being Brazil’s capital, it is also a completely planned city that was built in only 41 months. Brasília is designed in the shape of an airplane and offers outstanding modern architecture as well as urban planning and is today declared a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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Tips for finding real estate for sale in Distrito Federal, Brazil

As the capital of Brazil, Brasília is located in the federal district and is a modern and cosmopolitan city. On you can search for Brasília real estate from owners, developers and agents. Once you find a property you like, you can contact the seller and get further information. Make sure to also visit our federal district destination guide where you can view a map and a video of the area.

Prior to buying a property in Brasília, it is normal for investors to have a set of questions related to the local market. Maybe you are curious about the local rental rates or perhaps you want to learn more about which areas are best suited for rental properties targeting business visitors? The Brazil forum available on is a helpful tool for learning more about investing in Brasília.