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Located in southeastern Brazil, Espirito Santo is one of the smallest states in Brazil. The beautiful state capital Vitória is set on an island and offers many great urban beaches and outdoor activities. Espirito Santo’s coastline of 436 km includes highlights such as Guarapari, Anchieta, Vila Velha and Itaúnas. Famous inland attractions include Domingos Martins and Pedra Azul.

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Tips for finding real estate for sale in Espirito Santo, Brazil

On you’ll not only find real estate in Espirito Santo but also other useful investment information. Perhaps you haven’t visited the state before and you want to know what other people think about the Espirito Santo property market. Our Brazil forum is a helpful community where anyone can take part in the discussion. Join the forum today and take part in the conversation.

Our destination guide is also a good place to find more information. The beautiful guide shows a map and a video making sure each visitor get a quick area introduction. One of the main highlights is state capital Vitória but with a coastline of 436 km, there are certainly many other great locations for buying a property in Espirito Santo.