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Located in northern Brazil, Pará is the country’s second largest state. Highlights in Pará include rainforest and river tours, state capital Belém with its colonial architecture, Ilha do Marajó which is the biggest freshwater island in the world, beach town Algodoal and the white sand freshwater beaches in Alter do Chão.

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Tips for finding real estate for sale in Pará, Brazil

In addition to properties for sale, buyers interested in Pará real estate can find plenty of useful information on Among the most important factors for investors is to research the location as well as the local property market. For this very purpose we offer a useful destination guide and our friendly Brazil forum allows investors to learn more about buying property in Pará.

The travel guide guide shows a map and other useful information about the region. This will give visitors a good introduction to the area and once more specific information is needed, we recommend that you visit the forum. Maybe you have questions about the real estate market in Pará such as rental returns or recommended areas for land investments? Simply join the forum and find out more.