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Paraná is one of the three states in southern Brazil. State capital Curitiba is known for its superb urban planning and high standard of living. The water falls of Foz do Iguaçu by the border with Argentina is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Brazil and brings tourists from all over the world to Paraná.

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Tips for finding real estate for sale in Paraná, Brazil

Paraná real estate offers excellent investment opportunities as this forward-looking state receives a high number of tourists and benefits from a modern infrastructure. On investors can search for various types of properties for sale in Paraná including land, apartments, villas and commercial properties. To learn more about this marvelous region, please visit the destination guide.

Depending on your reason for considering buying a property in Paraná, perhaps there are some questions you have related to investing in this area? Maybe you are interested in properties in Curitiba or Foz do Iguaçu but you haven’t been to the area before? You can join our friendly Brazil forum to see what others have to say about buying real estate in Paraná.