Located in the extreme northeast of Brazil, Rio Grande do Norte has a spectacular coastline of 410 km. In addition to state capital Natal and the famous Ponta Negra beach, there are several other highlights such as Pipa and Tibau do Sul on the south coast, and Genipabu, Jacumā, Maracajaú and Sāo Miguel do Gostoso on the north coast.

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Tips for finding real estate for sale in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Rio Grande do Norte real estate has increasingly been attracting the attention of investors. The state enjoys a privileged geographical location close to the Equatorial line and the climate is sunny and warm all year around. With a stunning coastline of no less than 410 km, there are many famous tourist destinations to consider for clients interested in buying property in Rio Grande do Norte.

For clients who might not know this beautiful state from before, we recommend that take a look at the state map available in the destination guide. You can also find further help on PropertyBrazil.com regarding all your questions about real estate in Rio Grande do Norte. The Brazil forum allows you to post questions and read answers about any topic related to investing in Rio Grande do Norte property.