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Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s southernmost state, offers visitors with plenty of attractions. The state capital Porto Alegre is a modern city with a lively cultural agenda while the inland enjoys charming alpine styled mountain villages with rich European heritage as well as fascinating nature with beautiful canyons. The most popular beach town on the 622 km coastline is Torres.

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Tips for finding real estate for sale in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Rio Grande do Sul is Brazil’s most southern state. With a coastline of 622 km and plenty of charming inland locations, property buyers certainly have several areas to consider when searching for real estate in Rio Grande do Sul. In case you don’t know the region from before, you can get a quick tour by reading our destination guide.

If you are looking for industry experts you can find builders, architects, lawyers and real estate agents in Rio Grande do Sul in our business directory section. To gain further knowledge about buying property in Rio Grande do Sul, it is also worthwhile to enter our community forum where investors can ask questions and read advice from experts and other buyers alike.