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Tocantins in northern Brazil is the youngest state in Brazil. Tocantin’s state capital is Palmas and other highlights in the state include the beautiful areas of Jalapāo, Taquaruçu and Ilha do Bananal which is one of the largest river islands on the planet.

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Tips for finding real estate for sale in Tocantins, Brazil makes it easy to find real estate in Tocantins. An important part for any property investor is usually to learn as much as possible about the local real estate market. A good starting point for learning more about this area would be to read our destination guide that includes a video, an area map and useful tourism information.

The popular Brazil forum on our portal is designed to give buyers access to information that can be important for them. What would you like to know before deciding to buy a property in Tocantins? You can enter the forum at anytime and follow the discussion. Previously asked questions might be of help and if not, you can easily post your own questions.